Eldon Rooftop Garden Project

A group of Green Society students are aiming to establish a rooftop garden on the Eldon Building and are looking for staff and students to get involved. The project is still in planning stages will take shape in the new teaching block.

During term time, The Green Society and students from the School of Architecture aim to tend the garden and plant fast growing plants to harvest in June before students leave for the summer months. Additional crops would then be planted for a late harvest to take place at the end of summer with support from staff. Members from the School of Architecture have already committed to take stewardship of the scheme and are looking for more interested parties. A trial in urban farming is set to take place this January.

A message from the Eldon Mini Farm Team:

Urban agriculture is crucial to the future of food production.

  • Currently, 98% of the earth’s arable land is being used to feed our growing 7 billion population
  • By 2050 12% of this land will have been lost due to impacts from climate change
  • By 2050 the population will have increased to nearly 9 billion
  • Growing food in and on university buildings has the potential to:
    • reduce food miles
    • reduce our impact on the environment
    • regularly provide fresh produce for consumption in university cafes
    • make use of unused spaces
    • provide habitats urban wildlife
    • bring students and staff together

A group of students and staff with a passion for the environment are coming together to start a vegetable garden on the third floor roof terrace of Eldon building. We are looking for more volunteers to bring their ideas and enthusiasm to the project. We’re particularly keen to get some more staff members involved.

We look forward to hearing from you – happy gardening!
Eldon Mini Farm Team

To get in involved or for further information, email environment@port.ac.uk

Are you interested in learning more about sustainability? Check out CCI TV’s Sustainability show below!

Post courtesy of the Environment Network; to view the original article, click here.


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