CCI in British Council Arts Exchange

The Faculty for Creative and Cultural Industries‘ Fashion & Textiles team were recently selected for a prestigious Arts Exchange co-ordinated by the British Council, China.

This makes the University of Portsmouth the UK’s university to participate in the 2017 programme.

The scheme will be run in partnership with Wuhan Textiles University and offers staff and 8 students from each institution a 3 week project in the partner university. The first stage of the programme will be hosted by CCI in June (12th – 30th), with the second held in October at WTU.

All artwork produced from the collaboration will be exhibited at the prestigious New World China Land Limited Art Centre in Wuhan, where it will remain.

“I am very pleased that we will be participating in the Arts Exchange with the British Arts Council China,” says Susan Noble, Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Textile Design.

CCI’s project is called What We Wear Is Who We Are, and aims to explore the messages and codes of clothing as a primary means of creative communication, exploring commonalities of expression across two cultures whilst recognising and valuing differences.

Susan says, “It is stitching together two cultural communities through the shared communication of clothing, as clothing, dress, fashion is a primary means of self-expression, particularly for creative, inventive and imaginative design students.”

New World China Land Limited (NWCL), a leading Chinese real estate company, released the call for a partner university and aims to secure three UK universities to run consecutive one-year collaborative arts exchange programmes (one university per year, 2016-18).

2016 saw the first year of bilateral arts exchange in collaboration with Reading University, with 2017 promising an exciting year in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth.

Top image by Oliver Tubb

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