Student opportunity – the Morpheus Championship

The European Universities & Graduate School Championship presents: the Morpheus Championship.

Will 2017 be the year of coders, designers or engineers? Which countries or campuses will dominate the rankings for the third year of the prize? One thing is certain; the enthusiasm felt today is greater than the 750 places available: it is recommended to register as soon as possible.

A unique competition in the world, involving European students as well as employers, personalities, individuals and leading investors, the Morpheus Cup will once again be an unforgettable experience for young talents and companies oriented to the future.

The Championship comprises two separate competitions – the Morpheus Prize, and the Morpheus Cup. Students are eligible to enter either.

The Morpheus Prize

Students choose a topic from a category list (20 topics available) and produce a project answering a current issue within this topic. Projects could be a tech solution, mobile application, a product or business strategy, etc.

Entries require a 10 slide presentation to be submitted by March 1st 2017 summarising the project/idea. Submissions may be made either individually or by teams of 2-3 people, and must be submitted in English.

The Prize is aimed at students who are enthusiastic to present their ideas and projects, are looking for funding or partners and are looking to impress experts from their sector. The Morpheus Prize allows the participation of students who may not be able to attend the Morpheus Cup (detailed further down).

The Morpheus Prize will be presented to the best student project in each category; winners will also have the option to present to an international jury and fellow category winners.

Prizes include €25,000 across the 25 categories, equipment, and the opportunity to connect with employers and investors.

To enter, simply register online and submit your work by the specified deadline. For further information and a full list of subject categories, click here.

The Morpheus Cup

Held at at Maison du Savoir, Luxembourg, on April 28th 2017, the Morpheus Cup is described as a hands-on opportunity to impress the world of employers.

This event is for enthusiastic and determined students interested in promoting their campus and looking to compete against others in their chosen field. The event offers the opportunity to meet other European students as well as engage in talks with employers.

In this full day of competition, students take part in various innovative and creative challenges.

Welcomed by the most innovative companies in Europe, these challenges will be designed by leading companies of the industry and will reflect the real issues and evolutions of the market. Warner Bros, Mars One, ING, Deloitte, FC Barcelona and Vogue have taken part in the competitions in 2015 and 2016.

The day is divided into two parts. The morning will involve Top Minds challenges – artistic activities focusing on the themes of culture and creativity. The second section sees groups divided by their chosen categories, including Business Games, Coding Games, Architecture Games, Finance Games, etc. There will also be tournaments, quizzes and contests throughout the day.

Specific prizes are available for the best performers on each course, alongside gold, silver and bronze prizes for winners of the Top Minds challenges. The campus with the most points at the end of the day through the participation of its students in all challenges will receive €10,000 and the Morpheus Cup Award.

Entrants must be teams of 2-3 students from the same campus, present at the event in April.

For further information, visit the Morpheus Cup website.

To enter, complete the registration form, here.


The Championship was launched in 2015 to combat talent shortage across European industries.  The Cup has attracted more than 500 competitors across 100 campuses and throughout 19 countries, presenting and working alongside 40 European Employers. Innovative brands sponsor the event, where students are judged by worldwide personalities. With the support of the European Commission, the Cup has sponsored over 600 Projects and Startups since it began.

The cup promotes student entrepreneurship and fosters innovation, giving students the opportunity to win €50,000 worth of prizes and to meet with European employers. The competition is divided into categories and allows for multiple areas of knowledge and development.

The event is now Europe’s largest competition for talent, projects, ideas and startups in twenty disciplines.

For more information on the Championship, click here.

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