Innovolvement: Fashion Hack

On Wednesday 2nd March 2016 in Eldon’s Fashion Studio, Innovolvement held the Fashion Hack, which encouraged people to re-purpose waste materials while incorporating an element of technology.

The concept was developed by Enterprise and Innovation Ambassadors for CCI, Joshua Herbert and Georgia Tolley, who are undertaking a placement year under the guidance of Professor Joan Farrer, Associate Dean Enterprise & Innovation. Innovolvement is a innovation group that seeks to encourage transdisciplinary engagement and create a diverse community of learners. Ahead of the hack day, a briefing session was held on Tuesday 16th February to kick off the design process and explore the theme further.

Building upon Innovolvement’s initial success, the Fashion Hack was the Ambassador’s biggest event to date with a six hour hack day, in additional to the briefing event held a few weeks before. Georgia has said, “Organising the Fashion Hack was an ambitious task but hugely rewarding to see how positively it has been received. Josh and I wanted to create a truly dynamic environment and I think we achieved this”. This dynamic environment saw the creation of some truly innovative designs, ranging from a censor dictating light up skirt to a Harry Potter inspired sorting hat (see above!) made from an old car radio.

Georgia continued, “there seems to be a real buzz in and around the Faculty regarding the Fashion Hack and we’re looking at options in regards to a follow up event”.

The Fashion Hack was supported by HackPompey and CCI Fashion and Textile Staff, as well as Enterprise and Innovation team members. Josh and Georgia would like to thank everyone involved for their help and guidance.

Tom Clulee, Principal Lecturer and Course Leader for Fashion and Textiles, opened the day with a short presentation on using waste materials in Fashion, showing shirts and jackets that had been made from old tailors samples. This got the creative juices flowing and the hacks were underway, only pausing briefly for sandwiches and coffee.

The day ended with the hackers presenting what they had accomplished. Thomas Hewett studies Software Engineering at UoP and has said, “I had an awesome time at the Fashion Hack! Thank you everyone involved for making it happen. Would seriously like to see another one.” So do we Thomas, so do we.

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