Architecture Alumnus’ success in Australia

David Holden, a former UOP student of BA (Hons) Architecture, has found success setting up a new office for British architectural firm, Weston Williamson, in Sydney, Australia.

David and his team have recently been awarded with two awards for the Consult Australia Business Leaders course, a fantastic achievement for himself and the Weston Williamson team.

Previous to Australia, David worked as an architect for Aedas International in Hong Kong, Farrells in London and Weston Williamson, also in London. The skills and knowledge gained from studying Architecture has greatly helped David through the process of setting up a new business. He explained how his time at Portsmouth has helped him, even seven years later, “Not many schools of architecture have such a focus on practicality, whilst retaining all the important things for architecture like design and conceptual thinking.” On the course, David learnt about representation, presentation and communication. Gaining these skills benefited him immensely, aiding his ability in consulting, a key role in the architecture world, allowing David to effectively and efficiently represent his ideas, present his work and communicate professionally and properly.

David, who graduated from the undergraduate course in 2008, stresses the importance of studying an architecture degree, diploma and licence, stating it impossible to become an architect without all three. David also gained his diploma and licence with the University of Portsmouth from 2011 to 2015. Not only did his licence allow him to join the architecture field, he believes it was also a great way to earn a pay rise.

While investigating the many possible Universities to study architecture, David decided to attend Portsmouth not only because of its ability to provide the tools needed to get into the workplace after graduation but also because of the University’s architecture itself. Portland building stood out to David, becoming a personal attraction for Portsmouth, he reflected “The drama of the building was phenomenal, I knew nothing about Sir Colin Stansfield Smith but grew to love his fleeting involvements with the course.”

In the past, David has been given the opportunity to perform lectures and talks, he has returned to the University to lecture to third years about working around the world which he thoroughly enjoyed.  David has also presented for a competition at the Royal Academy of the Arts,  and recently presented to the Minister of Transport in Australia, as well as other events.

David is hoping to reapply for his licence this year after his move to Australia overriding his previous licence gained through the University of Portsmouth. You can also see examples of his most current work in Lorraine Farrelly’s book, Basics of Representation. David was thrilled to find his Thesis project, a great design of a gate in Ceredigion, hidden inside.