Feed the 5,000 and ‘The Big Chop’

On Wednesday 9th December, an army of volunteers congregated in Portsmouth Guildhall Square to serve 5,000 lunches to the public free of charge, highlighting the huge and growing problem of food waste.

The lunch was served between 11am – 2.30pm, made entirely of locally grown fresh food that would have otherwise been sitting in the bottom of hundreds of rubbish bins. Some of the ingredients used would normally be considered ‘undesirable’ because of a few tiny cosmetic blemishes, they’re considered the wrong shape or size, or supermarket orders were cancelled at the last minute. This project helped spread awareness that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with those goods and yet they are being wasted everyday.

Tuesday 8th saw the preparation for the lunch entitled ‘The Big Chop’. Volunteers set up a chopping station in the University of Portsmouth‘s Eldon Building, pealing and slicing vegetables ready for the following day’s feast.

To read the whole story in detail, visit Sam FM Radio’s webpage here

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