Call to all CCI students: The Odd Triangle design competition

The School of Architecture, together with Portsmouth City Council, are pleased to invite CCI students to join their design competition entitled The Odd Triangle. The purpose of the competition is to propose ideas for a temporary pavilion which will feature in a unused public space between Guildhall Walk and Winston Churchill Avenue.

CCI students are invited to collaborate with Architecture students for this competition, working in teams of three to five members. The project aims to improve the quality of the public space and to bring together CCI students and local communities in an attempt to measure the impact of co-creational practices on the quality of urban life and the public realm.

Designers should engage with questions such as: Can a pavilion be a tool to change the future perception of this space? Can this space be useful? What is its function? Can it be a moment of reflection? An accelerator? A place to sit and rest? A place to perform? A revisited speaker corner? A transitional experience to pass through? A place of playing? A place for socializing? A piece of art? A surface for graffiti artist? Something that triggers curiosity and engagement? Or maybe an object that instead is provocative and raise uncomfortable questions? Can it be a selling point? A shelter? Designers are asked to think of the above elements, develop own understanding of them, and expand on them investigating possible alternatives.

You may want to use examples of Timber Pavilions as inspiration for you proposal, but keep in mind that you and your team will only have three days to build the pavilion.


  • The main material for the pavilion must be timber.
  • The pavilion can also be built / complemented by rescued materials, recycled, reclaimed and reused, but their source should be identified and made clear in the submission.
  • The budget for the pavilion is of £1000, which corresponds to approximately 2 cubic meters of timber which can be cut in any section needed from a min 20×20 mm to a max of 200×200 mm. We discourage any length of more than 3 meters due to transport logistics.
  • You can use a part of the budget to purchase other material or finishing product but please consider that you may have less timber available as you will be spending money somewhere else.
  • This is a temporary pavilion which will last in situ for approximately 6 moths allowing the proposals to be experimental and provocative.
  • Although this is an idea competition, and the concept should be prioritised, the design proposal should take into consideration health and safety regulations and not constitute a hazard to the public.
  • It shouldn’t be taller than 3m height and must be less than 200 cubic meters.
  • It will have to be safely secured to the ground or at least not transportable away from the site.
  • It should be resistant to damage and/or vandalism, especially in terms of not presenting parts easily removable and potentially dangerous.
  • It shouldn’t allow to be easily climbed to a dangerous height. Please be aware to not occlude the emergency fire exit of Astoria. Site boundary is very important and must be respected: stick to the red line.


The site that will be dedicated to the pavilion is the raised triangular space on the north side of the intersection between Guildhall Walk and Winston Churchill Avenue. The site belongs to Portsmouth City Council; it is designed to be a development site but has been vacant since the Water Board building was demolished. The site covers the surface of approximately of 200 sqm.


If you are an Architecture student please register via moodle, for all other CCI students please email with an expression of interest to create your own group or to join one of the design teams. (Registration for Architecture students must include your decided team name and team components (register only once per team, including all members)).

HOW TO APPLY – SUBMISSION FORMAT AND INSTRUCTIONS (For Architecture students via moodle, other CCI students via email to Plamena Gamzova)

The submission consists of the following items:

– Max 3 pages A3 PDF landscape main presentation of the overall design proposal

– Max 3 pages A4 PDF booklet (cover excluded) to explain further aspects of the design proposal. This booklet should have a written description of the proposal and present a rough strategy on budget management and construction process.

The submission is digital and files will have to be uploaded on the competition Moodle page

The two files must be less than 99 MB in total. Every digitally uploaded file must be named with the unique team name and the proposal title. The team name and the title of the design proposal will be clearly written also on each panel and on the cover page of the booklet. Proposal should be anonymous and no personal names on boards or booklet should be shown.


The jury will consider the following elements:
• Strength / power of the idea and concept.
• Radical, experimental, provocative innovative proposal.
• Aesthetic quality of the design.
• Potential social impact in engagement with local community.
• Feasibility: cost effective and easy to build. Feasibility is to be kept under consideration as we will build the structure.

For more information, See the competition file on the Architecture moodle site, this can be accessed by any Architecture student in every team. Also visit their Facebook Page The Odd Triangle Design Competition.