Architecture lecturer wins RIBA President’s Medal for Research

Walter Menteth, Senior lecturer in Architecture at the University of Portsmouth has been rewarded with the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) President’s Medal for Research.

The RIBA medal is the pre-eminent national award for research in Architecture, and is in recognition of the work Walter has been carrying out on Construction Procurement Reform relating to architectural services under the EU competition rules, Project Compass.  Walter and his team of practitioners have engaged in setting up a website that assists architects to find opportunities for bidding, and has produced written booklets for guidance through the maze.  Through this work, he is also an advisor to Government.

This is an amazing achievement for Walter who has been working on the project for several years and with very little funding. Pamela Cole, Head of School of Architecture, congratulated Walter “I am very proud to have Walter as part of our team, Walter remains enthusiastic about Portsmouth and is doing some great work with students in the city.”

On behalf of CCI, we’d like to congratulate Walter on his success and ever impressive determination and hard work.