Heavens Above! The University of Portsmouth Choir 50th Anniversary Gala Concert

The University of Portsmouth Choir and The Ad Hoc Orchestra will be performing their 50th Anniversary Gala Concert in St. John’s Cathedral on Saturday 28th November at 7.30pm.  Members of the choir include staff and students across the University (including CCI staff!)

The performance, titled Heavens Above! will be conducted by George Burrows, Section Leader and Principal Lecturer for Performing Arts and head of the new Centre for Performing Arts.

George encouraged the choir “An excellent rehearsal last night. It showed the fruits of our labours over the last month and proved that we are likely to give a smashing concert”.

Tickets cost £12 (£10 concessions) which can be bought from 023 9284 3023 or music@port.ac.uk

The University of Portsmouth Choir would love to see you there.

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