School of Architecture Sending Placement Students to Europe

The School of Architecture, in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, will be sending a total of 16 students and graduates on placements throughout Europe in the upcoming summer. 

The group consists of one PhD student, two Masters of Architecture students, four BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design students, and nine BA (Hons) Architecture Students.

Seven of them will be graduates this summer and their placements will last between six and twelve months, whereas the other nine will complete summer placements of between two and three months.

Some of the countries of the placements include; Turkey, Romania, Germany, Spain, Denmark, and Italy. Most of them are within architectural or design offices, however this year also includes placements in a Civil Engineers office, a magazine internship, and a duration in the Utzon archive.

Each student will be profiled by the School of Architecture and will be required to record their experience through blogs or journals.

The students are:

Dorbean Mircea

Pavlos Karalazaridis

Dimitrios Karamoutas

Line Norskov-Eriksen

Stephanie Norris

Alexandara Omoye Okoh

Dan Sueta

Paula Serban

Craig Snelling

Efion Worth

Gajan Panchalingam

Larry Bothway

Marina Di Creddo Miranda

Izarne Casqueiro Sanchez

Shawn Adams

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