Stina and the Wolf – Kickstarter fund

The featured video above showcases Sandi Toksvig’s appeal for funds for CCI’s feature length animation film Stina and the Wolf.  The film trailer has already won an award, and this is an exciting opportunity for you to propel the film onto the next level by raising funds to finish it.

The Kickstarter fund hopes to raise £50,000 to complete the film.

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Stina needs you!!!

Stina & The Wolf is produced by Foam Digital, an organisation that comprises a large team of talented students and staff from the University of Portsmouth and students from the Gregg School in Southampton. Heading the team are staff members Alex Counsell and Paul Charisse.

This is the most ambitious student production ever attempted. Devised as a tool to teach them real world feature film skills, Stina and the Wolf is made possible by a diverse mixture of talented university and secondary school students. The wide range of disciplines required to make Stina makes for an incredibly challenging learning curve, but it also has already created a pool of students who have honed their talents – securing them some fantastic jobs in the film industry. That doesn’t happen everyday. In fact, most students only work on an animated short. They want to help fund their journey.

The Story

In a world of impossibly high mountains that tower above a sea of cloud covered forests, a young girl, Stina, tries to deal with the reality of a living in superstitious and oppressive army town. With her surrealy disabled uncle and unforgiving aunt making her life increasingly difficult, she seeks distraction with Gunter, an aspiring soldier who may or may not be just what she wants. As they start to get comfortable, a travelling fair of gypsies arrive, led by a mysterious pipe smoking war veteran, the Pipe Catcher. He offers a glimpse of an exotic world beyond the town, but also opens the door to a much darker destiny that threatens the life of the boy she loves. As night falls and the moon rises Stina is drawn into a mystery she cannot resist.

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