School of Media & Performing Arts lecturer in Musical Theatre travelling to Korea

School of Media & Performing Arts lecturer in Musical Theatre, Dr. Laura MacDonald, has successfully secured a high profile British Council research travel grant to South Korea.

Funded by the British Council’s Researcher Links programme, Dr. Laura MacDonald will be a visiting researcher at Ewha Womans University’s Institute of English and American Studies, in Seoul, Korea and the grant will enable her to spend time there extending her international studies in the globalisation of musical theatre.

During her two month stay, Dr. MacDonald will meet Korean theatre and American studies scholars, engage with industry professionals (actors, producers, directors, translators) and theatregoers, to establish a network of scholars and industry experts and identify possibilities for future collaboration in publishing and research events.

Representing one of the largest non-English language musical theatre markets, Korea is home to major theatre owners and producers who are taking risks to establish themselves in foreign markets. The industry’s decades of success and its impact as a facilitator of cultural exchange have not yet been thoroughly examined by scholars.

MacDonald’s research in Korea will contribute to a larger project, Broadway’s Transnational Lullabies: The growth of musical theatre in postwar Europe and Asia, exploring the transnational production and circulation of musical theatre.

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