Architecture students work showcased in Eldon glass cabinets

You may have noticed a series of glass cabinets cropping up over the Eldon Building mini-campus. Denise Callender, CCI Faculty Promotions Manager has been working with three staff from the Schools of Architecture, Art & Design and Creative Technologies to populate the cabinets with Faculty collections of works and artefacts.  This report reveals the context of work in the three Architecture cabinets located in Eldon West.

The project was curated by Tina Wallbridge, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, with help from Kayleigh Johnston and Tyler Holdcroft, both students from the Architecture, Culture and Identity postgraduate architecture studio.

The cabinets seek to represent the school’s unique context, set within the Creative and Cultural Industries Faculty, in an historic port City with global, regional and local networks and connections, with a family of local practitioners active within the school from RIBA award winning practices.

They also demonstrate transformational learning, with the school committed to drawing out the individual designer, to developing identity and knowledge through experience of real contexts and clients. Lastly, they hope to show the students as grounded visionaries, with learning based on socially and ethically responsible choices, grounded in the belief that good design can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Cabinet 1 on the ground floor features work by Tyler Holdcroft, a final year Architecture student from the Architecture, Culture and Identity studio (model and sketchbook for way-station of protest and occupying space) and first year student sketchbooks by Dellanie Byron, Jordan Duck, Nurul Najwa Binti Ghazali, amongst others. Its purpose is to draw interest up to the school on the second, third, and fourth floors.

Cabinet 2 on the second floor contains work from across the school, both undergraduate and postgraduate, Interior Architecture and Design and Architecture. It contain a sketchbook from an IAD third year, a market stall model by Zissou Rudy (second year Architecture), a staircase design by Jolyana Dawoo (second year IAD), together with final proposal drawings for Woolwich Arsenal by Ross Atherton (fourth year Architecture) and a sketchbook from Melissa Gaskins (fifth year Architecture). It also contains a model by Michael Smith, an Interior Design graduate from 2014, completed in his third year of study.

Cabinet 3 contains work from a specific taught course – the Interior Identity unit run during the Interior Architecture and Design third year. As part of their final year studies IAD students are asked to articulate a synthesis of theory and practice. Students work to identify an individual position relative to interior design practice and its wider context. This work comprises a 3D textural object expressing their field of study, accompanied by a Reflective Journal. These are then used as a basis to develop ideas for their Final Design Project.

Tutor: Tina Wallbridge

Supported by: Lynne Mesher, Rachael Brown, Belinda Mitchell

Collaborators: Karen Fielder (Tutor MSc Historic Building Conservation), Pamela Braddock (English Heritage)


  1. 2013 Wency Tee – OPTIC – Ways of Seeing Space
  2. 2013 Munera Almedeiheem – CAMERA of Perception
  3. 2013 Alice Wardle – PALIMPSEST – layered histories
  4. 2014 Sarah Kelly – FORT GEOMETRY – Military Badges
  5. 2014 Zara Anderson – IDENTITY – Event/ Brand, yellow submarine Company in Boathouse 4
  6. 2014 Michael Smith – KINETIC INTERIOR – Rum Distillery

Content courtesy of Tina Wallbridge.