Fashion and Textiles Student working for Designer

University of Portsmouth third year student Shannen Bailey, who is currently studying for BA(Hons) Fashion and Textiles degree, has been busying herself working for designer Emile Videl Carr alongside her studies.

“During my second year of studies a friend of mine had told me about a new designer (Emile Carr) so I got his details and sent him an email to ask if he was taking on any students for work experience.  He asked me a bit about my interests and what I’m studying, and then said he would be happy to have me” said Shannen. “It’s really helping me with my studies because it has made me more confident with making garments and pattern cutting. It has also taught me the standard of how ones work needs to be. These are things that I will now carry with me and apply to my own work, especially for my final collection”.

Recently he showcased his latest collection inspired by architecture called ‘Female Engineering’ in London Fashion Week 2014 and Shannen was given the opportunity to attend this with him, as well as being given the chance in the pattern-cutting and construction of the collection during the Summer. “I really enjoyed the whole experience and it has raised my confidence.  I learnt so much about the design and construction process, but also about how to run a fashion label.  I am continuing to work with him whilst I study.”


Emile used to attend LCF (London College of Fashion) and after graduating had gone on to design for Topshop, and has also worked for designers Alexander McQueen and Mary Katrantzou to name a few, and he’s also given Shannen some pearls of wisdom for life after university.

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