My Portsmouth – what does it mean to you?

You are invited to participate in a community art project.  The aim of the project is to provide an opportunity for the expression of a personal connection to our city through the creation of individual and unique ‘tiles’.  Each tile, covered in any material, is to be worked to show a personal response to the words ‘My Portsmouth’; an expression of what the city means to the artist.  All the MDF tiles are 300mm x 150mm x 6mm. 300 tiles are available.

Each tile should show the response but not be of any real financial value.  It could contain paint, fabric, photographs or any other medium.  It must be created as a permanent object and not use materials that will decay or detach.  The tile can be designed for viewing in either portrait or landscape – please indicate which it is!  The subject matter must be suitable for viewing by all ages.   Please make sure that no ‘raw’ MDF is visible on the front or edge of the tile wherever possible.

All the tiles will be made available for sale by email bid throughout the exhibition to support our 6th Form charity at  They will all be considered as the property of Portsmouth High School and, as such, should be considered non-returnable.



Outcome: Each completed tile will be assembled with a number of others to create installation art pieces united by a personal view of Portsmouth. The pieces will be displayed initially at Portsmouth Cathedral and then shown around the city in locations associated or not associated with the display of public art. Each display will contain one or more of the tiles. A few tiles will be sent to Rhode Island, USA to be part of their display.

Recognising the artist: Each tile has a number on the reverse. Please make sure that you inform Portsmouth High School of your name when the tile is returned if you wish this to be shared with others. The tile will be catalogued and referenced to both the artist and the thinking behind the work. A poster will be compiled to show all the returned tiles. This will be available in print and as a flip book on Portsmouth High School’s website

Please note: Portsmouth High School has the final display decision regarding the appropriate nature of the work submitted. By submitting your work you understand that this is a fundraising activity and, as such, you give your permission for Portsmouth High School to reproduce your artwork for publicity and fund-raising purposes. Your tile will be available for sale to the highest bidder, with all the proceeds going directly to our chosen charity. [/one_half] [one_half_last]

Buying the artwork: The work will be sold to raise as much money for our chosen charity as possible. Each piece can be bid for from the start of the cathedral exhibition and collected from PHS by the winning bidder at the beginning of July.

Key Dates: Project launch: Monday 10th March 2014. Tile collection from the main school office from this date, during normal school hours, or by other prior arrangement.

Tile hand-in dates: From: Monday 24th March 2014 to Saturday 26th April 2014 [school will be open on this Saturday from 9.30am to 12.30pm].

Portsmouth Cathedral exhibition: Friday 23rd May 2014 to Monday 2nd June 2014. Cathedral celebration evening: Monday 2nd June 2014 – 7.00pm to 9.00pm.

‘My Portsmouth’ city-wide exhibition: Saturday 14th June 2014 to Sunday 29th June 2014.

Winning bidders notified and tiles available from: Monday 4th July 2014. [/one_half_last] [colored_box variation=”hotpink”]Portsmouth High School hope you will be able to be part of this very exciting project. Please contact Assistant Head, Graeme Field me if you would like any further information, email: or Tel: 02392 826714[/colored_box]

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