CCI’s Senior Sound Technician, Chris Whitear, prioritises community interaction

University of Portsmouth’s Senior Sound Studio Technician at Middle Street Studios and member of the band The B of the Bang, Chris Whitear, announced that his group has recently signed with local label Pie & Vinyl Records. The guitarist and lead singer (aka Wit) assists in the running of the label with Steve Courtnell from the shop of the same name situated down Castle Road in Southsea.

The bands last album ‘Tremors & Nosebleeds: The Melodies of a Malady‘ was released nationally on vinyl & download and the labels next release will be by one of the student’s on the Music and Sound Technology course, Ed Perry (aka The Boy I Used to Be)

Both of these albums were largely created, recorded, mixed and mastered in Middle Street Studios. The B of the Bang‘s first album ‘Beginning. Middle. End.’ (released by the now defunct Jelly Maid Music label) was also part recorded there as well as at Chris’ former workplace The Old Blacksmiths Studio in nearby Hilsea.

The relentless entrepreneur has also, with his wife, recently opened ‘101 Reykjavík’ café-bar on the corner of Castle and Kent Roads. The fresh-faced venue is inspired by the Icelandic way of life and especially its music. With 101 Reykjavík at the heart of this buzz and the new owners close links with both Pie & Vinyl and the University’s Middle Street Studios (as well as events like Southsea Fest & Victorious Festival) the new cafe-bar is definitely becoming Portsmouth’s upcoming music-related venue and social hub.

This positive community interaction celebrates and promotes cross collaborations between the University, local businesses, creative projects and artists such as CCI’s current partnership with Anglepoise®, Strong Island and with The Creative Balance project’s Changing Faces Changing Places exhibition at Space, Eldon Building.

More information can be found below:

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]101 Reykjavik the Thursday thingi Strong Island website[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”] The B of the Bang[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”] Pie & Vinyl [/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink”]101 Reykjavik[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink”] Old Black Smiths[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink”] Pie & Vinyl Twitter Records[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink”] Middle Street Studio Facebook[/fancy_link]here

[fancy_link link=”” variation=”hotpink”] Anglepoise[/fancy_link]here

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