Anastasia Karandinou’s Book Launch – 3rd December

Anastasia Karandinou, senior lecturer of Architectural Design, is launching her new book, No Matter: Theories and Practices of the Ephemeral in Architecture The book launch is taking place in Blackwell’s book shop on Tuesday, 3rd December at 4.30pm.

The front cover

How do digital media such as mobile phones, portable computers and the internet affect the way we perceive, inhabit and design space?

Why do architects traditionally design, draw and map the visual, as opposed to other types of sensations of space like the sound, smell and texture?

This book examines the  representation, design and reception of the ephemeral in architecture. It discusses how architects map and examine the spatial qualities that ephemeral elements create and questions whether – and if so, how – they take them into account in the designing process.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Book Launch at Blackwell’s book store and refreshments are provided.  Please email either or for catering purposes.

For more information about the book or to purchase online – Click here