Call for Entries to PRIMARY – Phoneography exhibition by Strong Island

You have until 4th May to submit your entry to PRIMARY, the phoneography exhibition by Strong Island.

With the continuing increase in impressive camera technology in mobile phones and the ability to alter, tweak, post process and upload the photos to social media networks and websites, the popularity of Phoneography has never been greater.

PRIMARY invites you to get out and about around Portsea with your mobile phone camera and take photos of anything and everything based around the three primary colours red, yellow and blue.  What you photograph is entirely up to you, but submissions will only be accepted if they stick to the theme.  Photos can be taken on any mobile phone model and they ask that a maximum of 10 photos per applicant are sent in to

Please submit along with your photographs your name, photo title, phone model, location of photo on the island and any post process apps you used, if any, to achieve the final shot.  Please note that all submitted photos will be cropped square in order to be displayed.  This is mainly due to the number of Phoneography photos that are already in square format.

The call for entires has begun and the deadline is the 4th of May 2012 with the exhibition being held shorty after at Bonzo Studios on Albert Road.

Strong Island will be putting together a poster for the exhibition that will be on sale on the opening night.  The poster will feature some of the best submissions and all profits from the sales will go to a local charity. Therefore any photos submitted to PRIMARY will involve you giving them permission to use them for commercial purposes, if you do not want your photo used in this way simply let them know via email.

There will be a competition as part of the exhibition where the best three photos submitted will win some incredible prizes.

You can view a few of the entries that have already been sent in  here.