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Graduate Degree Shows

Join in our yearly celebrations to honour our soon-to-be graduates (and don’t forget your gladrags).

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CCI staff engaged in anti-racism work with Shades of Noir

Back in July 2019, Dr Catherine McNamara (Head of School of Art, Design & Performance) arranged a 3-day staff development experience for up to 25 staff in ADP to take place in the 2019/2020 academic year.

What's On

Design Activism Acts of Care: Harriet Harriss

A talk exploring matters of care as an ethos permeating architecture and interiors education.


Call for Commissions and Short Films: Journeys Festival International

Journeys Festival International 2020, which will run digitally 28 September- 18 October this year, has just released a call out for new artists’ commissions and screening opportunities.