The University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are pleased to share news of a charity gig to raise money to support the homeless over Christmas, organised by retired CCI retirees, Denis Reeve-Baker, Dave Allen and Dave Jordan who will be performing in their band, alongside other local bands. The Square Tower are hosting the charity gig on 23rd December, 2-9pm, to raise

Jonny Smart

PhD student Molly Burns writes Monologue for Journeys Festival International

Molly Burns, a PhD student from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth, wrote a monologue for Journeys Festival International. Mulberry Tree was read out at the Journeys Festival International Weekender that took place last month.

Jonny Smart

Volunteers wanted for Discovering Guildhall heritage project

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares an opportunity for University of Portsmouth students to volunteer for the ‘Discovering Guildhall’ heritage project. This lottery-funded project is a fantastic opportunity that brings to life the memories and historical events that surround Portsmouth Guildhall. Earlier this year, Portsmouth Cultural Trust – the organisation responsible for the management of Portsmouth Guildhall – announced receipt

Jonny Smart

New Audience of the Future Design Foundation projects

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries shares news of two new Audience of the Future Design Foundation projects here at the University of Portsmouth.  ‘XR Audience Centred Design – The Future Theatre’ and ‘Designing Disgust – Why do we feel the need to judge?’ will be projects based within CCI. XR Audience Centred Design – The Future Theatre  ‘XR

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