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RSPB Poster Challenge: a collaborative live project with level 5 BA(Hons) Graphic Design students, RSPB South-East and Strong Island.

15 March | 17:30

On 15th March Graphic Design Dan McCabe would like to have a PV/Preview event (with refreshments) at 5.30 in the little area outside EW1.11.

It is for an exhibition taking place further along the corridor.

A couple of short paragraphs about the work and collaboration with the RSPB
Few (or all) of the poster images for a slide show inside the blog entry
Title of the exhibition and how long it will be up for

Jaelithe, the date for the preview event/exhibition launch/PV (Dan, let Jaelithe know what you want to call this event) is 15th March 5.30pm Venue: Corridor outside EW1.11


15 March
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