Game Jams 2014

Game Jams are highly social events in which teams of people try to make a computer game in a very short space of time. For the University of Portsmouth Game Jams, the teams are allowed one week to design, make and present their game. Teams can make any type of game they wish, but the main idea must be inspired by one of three random articles generated from Wikipedia by the organisers on the first day.


Sites of exchange: materialising conversations exhibition

Sites of exchange: materialising conversations is a research-led exhibition that explores ‘making’ as a way of investigating and sharing ideas. The project questions how acts of ‘doing’ inform research and interpretation. The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries’ Space, will act as an inter-disciplinary laboratory bringing together unique ideas, opening new dialogues through the ‘art of inquiry’.


IBM seeks innovative, highly motivated individuals with a strong design sensibility

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for CCI students to attend a talk by Tony Lamsdale, the graduate recruitment manager from IBM, about careers at IBM discussing not only what roles they have, but also about the selection process giving  insight into how bigger companies operate.


New Creatives 2011

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries at the University of Portsmouth has commissioned two artists, Joe Ross and Jo Hummel-Newell, to work with six FE and 6th Form colleges (Highbury, South Downs, St Vincent, Portsmouth, Fareham and Havant) for the Creative Campus New Creatives 2011 Project culminating in the exhibition of students creative works in SPACE and Eldon Gallery

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