‘Far From Home’ Exhibition in Space

The University of Portsmouth’s Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) is delighted to invite you to a collaborative exhibition taking place in Space called Far From Home. Far From Home is a community arts project for University of Portsmouth students to engage with active and ex-service personnel who live in Portsmouth.


World’s First ‘Search and Find’ Space Mission! with the support of Senior Lecturer Mel Krokos

Hampshire teenagers were invited to be the first in the world to take part in a ground-breaking search by playing on their mobile devices. They have been given unprecedented access to super-computing power allowing them to embark on missions exploring our universe and upload films of their adventures to YouTube which could have won them an iPod Touch.


Dust to Dust: The latest release from Pete Codling

Portsmouth-based artist Pete Codling has covered 200sqm of gallery walls with densely drawn imagery depicting animals and gods from Roman, Greek and Christian mythology. He has woven in references to technology, virtual reality, art history, dreaming, idolatry, utopia and romance.


Entrapment of the o/Other by Kye Wilson

‘Entrapment of the o/Other’ is a site-specific, video and sound installation that aims to give the viewer an emotive experience through a form of sensory engagement in an interesting and challenging historical space. This work is part of a body of work and touring programme in which a new moving image art work is devised and realised in a variety

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