‘Stelarc; Meat, Metal & Code: The Uncanny, the Creepy and the Contestable’ interview

Jointly hosted by​ the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries and the Facult​y​ of Technology, ​the renowned performance artist ​Stelarc, who is​ distinguished Research Fellow and Professor in the School of Design and Art at Curtin University in ​Australia, visited the University of Portsmouth for a day of sharing his extraordinary creative works and ideas.


Dr. Marius Kwint and Authur I Miller. Listen: Latitude Podcast #1

In association with the Wellcome Trust, Latitude Festival presents their first podcast, featuring a follow-on talk on creativity from Dr Marius Kwint, UOP Reader in Visual Culture, and Professor Arthur I. Miller, Emeritus Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at UCL.

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