Do you want to participate in paid economics experiments?

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries share an announcement from the Faculty of Business and Law who are looking for participants in behavioural economics experiments. University of Portsmouth students (and staff) from all faculties and departments are welcome to participate!

Participation is paid depending on the decisions you take in the experiment. On average we pay £13.00 per hour for participation.

We are interested in your opinions, your behaviour and how you interact with others in the experiment. Come by, participate in interesting settings and earn real money!

You can sign up in our participant database to receive announcements about experimental sessions by filling in this form.

Registering for the database does not oblige you to participate in an experiment. We also encourage you to share this form with your friends from across the university.

Please contact the research team at for further information. You can also contact the team directly by emailing Dr Zahra Murad ( or Dr Wolfgang Luhan (

The studies you will be invited to will have been reviewed and received a Favourable Ethical Opinion from the University of Portsmouth Ethics Committee. Your data will be treated strictly confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

For the privacy policy, how to unsubscribe and the experimental participation rules see Rules and Policies.

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