Placement Award Nominee – Claire Dunford

The Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Placement Awards, at the University of Portsmouth, were given out this week by Simon Brookes, Associate Dean for Students. Simon congratulated the award nominees as well as stating he is impressed with anyone who completes a student placement. One nominee was Claire Dunford.


I transferred  to the University of Portsmouth in the second year from a London University.  I realised that Portsmouth was going to help me become a better designer.

I could tell that the tutors are passionate about Graphic Design which means everything and helped reassure me that they know what they’re talking about.

I knew right from the start that they would be there to help and guide me.

I also loved the studios that we get to work in, they promote a healthy studio culture which I like.

I am now a third year Graphic Design Student and have just come back from my placement year at Really B2B, an award winning (I like to show off about this) marketing agency in Portsmouth.

Really B2B are a marketing agency dedicated to count, measure and talk about the numbers that are crucial to a business’ success.

I learnt a ridiculous amount there and met some incredibly talented, creative and sassy soles who I hope I’ll be good friends with, for a long time. By the end of the year I was creating work from initial concept to a result that the clients teams were happy to send onto the client.

This is anything from Info-graphics, tip sheets and eBooks to business cards and social media, it was very varied which I adored! One of the best things from the year is that it’s massively given me the confidence to know that when I leave university, I’ll be ready to enter the creative world and become a successful graphic designer.

Something that was repeated often to me was: ‘Work is a part of your life, it is not your life’ and this is something that my colleagues were very sure to encourage. We have a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in the office, I find it very easy to work in and I feel happy and excited to go into the office.

Really B2B said:

‘Claire is an exceptionally dedicated individual. She goes the extra mile to ensure her work is of a high standard. She creates work that is viable in a commercial environment and has worked very hard to achieve this, and to meet the demands of a leading creative agency. Based on her performance over the last 12 months I am convinced Claire has the right level of confidence and skills to achieve great things in the creative industry.’

To apply for a placement visit creative careers for more information.

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