The End of my Placement Year – CCI Promotions Assistant

The University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries Promotions Assistant, Katie Clarke looks back on her time and experience working in the Faculty. 

Between second and third year students are offered the opportunity to take an industrial placement and gain industry experience that will prove invaluable after graduation.

After what felt like hundreds of cover letters, applications, and interviews I was incredibly lucky to secure a placement within the University, in the CCI Faculty. Over the past year I have worked with so many different people on a variety of projects, each one teaching me something new, and helping me to grow and achieve things I didn’t know I could, such as writing 16 student profiles, that were featured on the Graduate Show website.

A big part of my role has been taking control of the Faculty’s social media including our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I have always used social media, and enjoy posting regularly on various platforms but this has almost exclusively been on a personal level, to go from this to being trusted with the Faculty’s accounts was quite daunting.

Despite my nerves I now love posting on the Faculty’s social media, and am proud to take some credit for growing our Facebook reach, Twitter following, and almost doubling our Instagram followers since I started.


My placement has given me the chance to work with so many different organisations in Portsmouth that I didn’t even know existed before I started! One of the most notable being Journeys Festival International (JFI), an organisation that aims to celebrate and highlight the extraordinary and powerful artwork, music, creativity, culture and experiences that refugee artists bring to the UK.

To be able to work with an organisation that does work I have always been so passionate about was incredible, and I would love to work with JFI in the future. One of my favourite parts of this year was helping to organise the Culture and Mobility Seminar in October, as well as being able to attend the #JeSuis performance at New Theatre Royal.

I was also tasked with helping organise Professor Deborah Sugg Ryan’s Inaugural Lecture at the end of March, which took a lot of planning, starting back in December. I was responsible for a lot of key tasks including sending out invites (postal and electronic), booking catering, signposting, organising meetings (for people with very busy schedules), and even selling books on the night. It took a lot of work, but to see all of our hard work pay off was incredible, and I felt incredibly proud to have been a part of planning such a great event.

Another event I took pride in being a part of was the first ever Portsmouth Comic Con. The University of Portsmouth took residency in the Immersive Technology Zone, and I was asked to help organise parts of the event, create posts to go online, and be a part of the team that were there for the two day event.

I loved being a part of the event, and posting on social media about everything that was going on, as well as meeting people cosplaying as my favourite fictional characters.

All of these events helped to prepare me for the the biggest event of the year: The CCI Graduate Show. This was a huge responsibility, and planning began almost immediately after I started in September. The show took a new direction this year and so there was a lot of extra planning, discussion and new collaborations.  Read the article I wrote Graduate Show Highlights 2018, which gives you an idea of how vast the project was.

Luckily everyone involved was united by the common goal of making it the best Graduate Show possible, and it was a resounding success that I am so proud to have been involved in.

Over the past year I have grown so much, personally and professionally, I am now much more confident in my work and can complete writing tasks much faster and to a better quality, I can post on different social media platforms using an appropriate tone for each. I also have a much better work ethic and home/work balance that I am sure will be helpful during my final year of university.

In September I will return to studying to complete my final year in BA (Hons) Media Studies. I can’t wait to get back to my degree, but I will also miss being a part of the promotions team, and the CCI Faculty Office.

The past year has been so wonderful thanks to a lot of different people, who may not even know how much they have helped me! I remember being so nervous on my first day, but after meeting, and finding out how lovely everyone was (and still is) I quickly felt at ease, and settled in.

There are so many people I would like to thank, but if I started to mention everyone I have been grateful for this year, I doubt I would ever be able to stop writing.

I would particularly like to thank my manager, Faculty Promotions Manager Denise Callender, for everything she has done to make this year so amazing.

I still don’t know for sure what I want to do, or where I want to go after I graduate, but I know that I have loved my time here and I can apply for different jobs in various locations, confident in my ability to succeed.

I plan to keep writing, both professionally as well as on my personal blog which I have neglected over the past year, favouring the CCI Creative Space blog over my own. You can stay up to date with me by following my Twitter @KatieGClarke, LinkedIn, and Instagram @ProbablyKatie_x

Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke is a Media Studies Student, currently on her Placement Year, working as Promotions Assistant for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth.

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