BA Animation Work Featured on BBC News

The University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries are proud to present a BBC News segment, featuring work from BA Animation students. 

A team of BA Animation students have produced a short animation, which is showcased Monday 5th March, on Inside Out in the South and South East, and is now being shown on BBC News.

“I absolutely love the animation! Thank you to the incredibly talented students. I’m blown away by how good it is… especially in bringing Oscar and Nancy to life… adds a real human touch!” – Ben Moore, TV reporter for the BBC

The 1 minute and 30 second animation was created in a week and a half, which is an incredible turn around, showcasing the talent, and commitment from the students involved.

The students involved were:

  • Angelika Waigand
  • Howard Wimshurst
  • Rachel Trebicki
  • Diana Buzea
  • Elanor Hunter
  • Lorna Tan
  • Mariana Noronha
  • Oscar Strokosz
  • Viktoria Aleksandrova

You can find the animation on the BBC website, the animation can be seen from 1.17 – 1.44 and 3.30 – 4.35.

“I am so proud of my students, it is great to see them taking a professional job and delivering such a good quality of Animation, they have gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations, including the BBC and that is something they should be proud of. It makes my job so worth while when you see the enthusiasm and commitment the students have to succeed” – Eva Palacios, BA Animation Course Leader.

Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke is a Media Studies Student, currently on her Placement Year, working as Promotions Assistant for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth.

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