Alumni Film Wins Funding

University of Portsmouth, Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries alumni, Matthew Harrison and Summer Greenwood have been granted funding for their latest short film project. 

The filmmakers impressed judges from top festivals and have now begun to film for their psychological thriller LEAL in Scotland.

The director-producer team secured €1,500 from judges, including representatives from the world-renowned Sundance, Edinburgh, and Seattle international film festivals, when they pitched their short film concept at the British European Talent Screening in Berlin last year.

With this cash boost behind them, the duo have united with filmmakers from Germany and were able to start filming in January 2018.

Matthew said

“Pitching LEAL was quite nerve-wracking, but it was an amazing experience. Securing this money means the project can now get off the ground after about a year of preparation, I’m proud to say we have a fantastic team in place and we are all incredibly excited to get started”

The short film, which is set in post-apocalyptic times, will ‘explore the human condition’ of its characters as they go about life after an epidemic.

Matthew and Summer graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2016, and contribute their craft to the institution “The University really pushed us forward and opened up opportunities, having the support of our former lecturer, Ben Thompson, has been really beneficial – he has always been a champion of our work”

The film will feature Brian McCardie, who appeared alongside James McAvoy in the 2013 adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s Filth, and Jayne Wisener, who starred alongside Johnny Depp in Tim Burton’s 2007 film, Sweeney Todd.

As well as creating short films, Matthew and Summer work in the locations department for top productions, including Jurassic World 2, and the fourth season of Black Mirror.

Following their success, Matthew and Summer believe this may be their final short film, as they set their sights on bigger projects, Matthew said: “Our ultimate goal is to see our films up on there on the big screen. So naturally, we would love to start putting together a feature film”.

To find out more about Matthew and Summer, you can visit Matthew’s website, and to stay up to date with the duo, you can follow Matthews Facebook @MattKHarrison, Twitter @MattKHarrison, and Instagram @MatthewKHarrison.

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Katie Clarke

Katie Clarke is a Media Studies Student, currently on her Placement Year, working as Promotions Assistant for the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries, at the University of Portsmouth.

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