MA Photography student has work selected in Calvert Journal

MA Photography student Krasimira Butseva has had one of her photographs chosen as Calvert Journal’s photo of the week.

The selected photograph (above) was inspired by Krasimira’s grandmother and her experience of communism in Bulgaria.

Krasimira’s grandmother hid cigarettes from the factory where she worked every day and sold them, earning her enough money for rent, food, and to send her children to a good school. To hide the cigarettes, she would tuck them into her tights, pockets and bra.

Krasimira won 2 University of Portsmouth Achievement Awards and 3 external awards in 2016, and exhibited at Portsmouth and London degree shows (after completing her BA (Hons) Photography at the University of Portsmouth), as well as exhibiting at Aspex: Platform Award, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth; Pingyao International Photography Festival, China; Uncertain States, Mile End Art Pavilion, London; and Brighton Photo Fringe Festival, and was shortlisted for the overall Award.

The Bulgarian photographer, whose MA work explores crimes and atrocities committed by the communist regime, explains that this photo is inspired by her grandmother’s story. This contrasts her research, as it represents how everyday people challenged the law to save their lives.

“Krasimira is really doing the University of Portsmouth proud,” says Judy Harrison, MA Photography Course Leader of the School of Art and Design in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries. “This really is tremendous and confirms the validity and importance of [Krasimira’s] work.”

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