BA Fashion & Textiles Students The University of Portsmouth are supporting and celebrating the Fashion Revolution campaign in April by holding a series of terrific events designed to highlight the true cost of fashion.

On 24th April each year, the UK based Fashion Revolution campaign aims to bring everyone in the fashion world together and help to create awareness of the true cost of fashion. Fashion Revolution is enthusiastic about an industry which values the environment, people and creativity equally and, naturally the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries will be on board to drum up support for those creative and equitable interests that we share.


Wednesday 26th April – FASHION HACK – 1.00pm – 7.00pm Fashion and Textiles Studio, Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth (preliminary briefing meeting taking place on Monday 24th April) Building on a successful hack last year, this event unites fashion and textiles students with students from the Faculty of Technology. The fashion hack format invites the students to develop wearable technology solutions in response to aspects of the Fashion Revolution campaign: in order to promote usefulness, longevity of wear and a relationship with our clothes. This all happens in an experimental, laid back and fun atmosphere where the most exciting projects take shape. This event is being organised by the Innovolvement Team at the Faculty of CCI.

Thursday 27th April – CLOTHES SWAP – 12.00 – 2.00pm Eldon Building Foyer, University of Portsmouth Students are organising a clothes swap or ‘swish’, encouraging participants to ‘swap not shop’ – giving clothes another life and saving money but most importantly  taking steps to reduce the polluting waste and unethical working conditions of the fashion and textile industries.

UPCYCLING EXHIBITION – ALL DAY Eldon Building Foyer, University of Portsmouth.  Work from students of BA(Hons) Fashion and Textiles Design will be showcased. Information about the Fashion Revolution campaign will be available.

FASHION REVOLUTION CARD GAME WITH IAN COOK – 4.00 – 5.00pm Eldon Building Foyer, University of Portsmouth (Event TBC)
THE TRUE COST FILM SCREENING in association with Portsmouth Film Society.  Followed by Q&A panel discussion with Dr Ian Cook, coordinator of Fashion Revolution and founder of Follow The Things, Prof Deborah Sugg Ryan, expert on design history and theory and vintage fashion, Dr Matthew Anderson academic in sustainable and ethical business and other experts  – 6.00pm onwards Screening Room EW1.10, Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth 
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Friday 28th April
#WHOMADEMYCLOTHES? #HAULTERNATIVE – Social Media Focus – ALL DAY, Eldon Building Foyer, University of Portsmouth. Students will be leading this making short ‘haulternative’ videos and photographing their clothing labels and asking brands directly via social media – who made my clothes? 
UPCYCLING EXHIBITION – ALL DAY Eldon Building Foyer, University of Portsmouth (See above)

MENDING WORKSHOP WITH CELIA PYM 11.00am – 3.00pm, Fashion and Textiles Studio, Eldon Building, University of Portsmouth (places are limited to 12) We are delighted to welcome Loewe Foundation International Craft Prize nominee to host one of her mending workshops.  All participants will bring a special item that has meaning to them that they wish to repair. Celia will introduce a range of mending techniques for both woven and knitted materials.  All participants will make a donation to Fashion Revolution and the event will be filmed and photographed. I can provide more details on this if required.
FASHION FIRST AID – ALL DAY AND AFTERWARDS – Fashion and Textiles Workshops. The public are invited to bring in garments for repair, students will be repairing clothes for a fee to be donated to Fashion Revolution.  More details to follow.

Fashion Revolution was born in 2013, when on the 24th April, 1,134 people were killed when the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh collapsed. This tragedy shocked and appalled the world and as a response, the campaign was born in order to demand change within the fashion and textiles industry. The first step is to create a transparency that will change circumstances for those people who make the world’s clothes. More transparency will mean a greater consumer and regulatory accountability in the supply chain. As a result, to track the fashion industry’s problem in this area and progress over time, Fashion Revolution and Ethical Consumer have partnered to publish the first edition of their Fashion Transparency Index which includes 40 of the biggest global fashion brands and ranks companies according to the level of transparency in their supply chain.
The Fashion Revolution campaign is encouraging us all to question where our clothes come from; who made them and in what conditions? Everyone can contribute – you can find out by tweeting brands of clothing using #whomademyclothes to discover the real people throughout the supply chain.
The campaign is also creating a strong awareness of renewing and upcycling. We often buy new clothes without thinking twice, but there is much to be made of the wardrobes that we already have. Fashion Revolution wants to remind us all that the clothes we once loved, we can love again! By digging deep in to the wardrobe, we can pull out those treasured trousers and feel fabulous in them again. Not only that, but that there are plenty of creative opportunities to repair, refine and revamp our old outfits, giving us that customised and uniquely personal look.
The Faculty of CCI will be hosting several events that celebrate continued wear and show just how much you can get out of your existent garb. Our Fashion & Textiles students will be working on upcycling and hacking garments, envisaging new ways of wearing and consuming future fashion. They will also be holding a clothes swap giving participants a chance to grab some new gear but allowing them to shed their former togs at the same time. And a Fashion First Aid Surgery will see damaged clothes nursed back to health and given a new lease of life!
We in the CCI Green Team cannot wait for these fantastic events that will raise a great deal of awareness for upcycling, reusing and equality around the world. Keep an eye out for further details on all the Fashion Revolution events which will be held in the last week of April.

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