Trouble with Referencing? The New Library Guide is Here!

Stuck on APA Referencing? You aren’t alone! Check out the new Library Referencing Guide for help! 

Created by Heather Coleman and Greta Friggens, the guide shows how to incorporate and reference textual and visual primary sources into essays or dissertations, using APA referencing.

Using and Referencing Primary Sources is a 4 page guide which covers the following referencing examples: a newspaper article, archival document, image and text from conference proceedings, advertising image, ephemera and magazine article.

The guide is available from the Library Guide Listings found on the Library Homepage.

Other guides available include Using and Referencing Images in a Dissertation, an earlier work for School of Architecture students which shows how to use and reference images using APA. This guide covers: an illustration from a book, annotated image, photographic image from a website source, plan drawing taken from a database and photograph taken by the author of the dissertation.

Still stuck? Why not check out the UoP Library Referencing Page or contact the Library Team for more information?

Happy Referencing!


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