More diversity needed in computer gaming

Embracing diversity is essential for the UK games industry to compete globally and to maintain its world leading influence, according to a computer games expert at the University of Portsmouth.

Dr Mark Eyles, said that supporting diversity of race, culture, disability status, religion, class, sexual orientation and gender is increasingly a priority in the games industry.This applies just as equally to fictional game characters and in the industry workforce. Dr Eyles, Animation, Games & Enterprise Section Lead, is behind the University’s sponsorship of the diversity prize at TIGA’s Games Industry Awards. He said that diversity is at the heart of a twenty first century culture of accelerating globalization, blurring of borders and the increasing importance of the internet as a place where people gather, play and trade.

“A smart, flexible and increasingly diverse workforce is the engine at the centre of the UK games industry, fed by world leading games courses throughout the UK.

The University has always been a great supporter of diversity and our students are recruited on their merit, qualifications, competence and talent, regardless of their age, disability, gender, marital or civil partnership status, race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief or sexual orientation. Our courses follow TIGA’s guidance of having balanced imagery on their course websites, with a more equal mix of genders and ethnicities and imagery that reflects the creative range of the art form.

“Having the opportunity to highlight issues around diversity by being involved in the TIGA Diversity Award is very important for us. We have been working with TIGA for over ten years and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with industry and other institutions in shaping a magnificently diverse future. The University is very proud to sponsor and present the TIGA Diversity Award.”

The 2016 TIGA Games Industry Awards, held 10th November in Spitalfields, the heart of London’s bustling East End, is the highlight of the games industry calendar with a ceremony welcoming some of the industry’s biggest names and best known faces.

Lecturer on the Computer Games Enterprise course, Ted Turnbull, will attend the ceremony  and present the prize on behalf of the University of Portsmouth. The University’s courses include Computer Games Technology, Animation, Computer Games Enterprise and Computer Animation & Special Effects, from its School of Creative Technologies.


Article courtesy UoP Press Office

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