PaR Project Wish Box by Dr Joanna Bucknall

Dr Joanna Bucknall in the School of Media and Performing Arts is the creator of Wish Box, a participative, durational performance, designed to give the audience the opportunity to share their hopes, dreams and wishes. The audience takes on the role of guests attending a wedding reception, watching a newly-wed couple delivering those hopes, dreams and wishes.

The guests are invited throughout the reception to present the couple with their wishes. The wishes generated in the performance will be added to the wishes collected from previous performances and social media. Over the course of 8 hours the bride and groom work together to build the house out of the collected wishes, working as vessels to deliver the wishes and pin them to the house. In their capacity as vessels for the wishes, they also respond to various ritualised tasks that they are presented with by the matron of honour.


They kiss, dance and hold each other at the whim of their wedding party. The audience participate in the generation of wishes and contribute to the construction of the house, as well as being invited to share the ritualised behaviours of the bride and groom within the liminal space of the performance structure.

Joanna reveals “The work has been in R&D since 2014 and is currently in preparation for touring, public performances, development opportunities and outreach workshops. In order to facilitate the next stage of the project I have launched a Crowdfunder. Please support my project by pledging, sharing and leaving a nice comment. This kind of support would be invaluable.”

Wish Box webpage


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Jo has recently published an article about the work in Performance Research that you can access here.


The Wish Box outreach performance project is coming soon to the New Theatre Royal.  Bringing Immersive Theatre to Portsmouth in October 2016.  Making the arts accessible. What does Portsmouth Wish for?



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