Kickstarter success for Computer Games Technology & Computer Games Enterprise students

A group of second year BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology and BSc (Hons) Computer Games Enterprise students. students have developed a card-game for their student enterprise unit.

These students have designed, manufactured, marketed, and crowd-funded their idea- reaching almost double of their pledged goals already. The students have labelled their game as “a card game where dreams are shattered and friendships are ruined, all for fun! Test your luck and be the last champion standing!”

More information about the game, Hero Havoc – A Russian Roulette style party card game!, can be found here.

Two other groups of students from the student enterprise unit will be ready to launch their respective projects very soon. The projects consist of a card-game and a product design for a handy earphone holder. The course also has a mini-game currently seeking approval on steam green-light as well.

Senior lecturer of the Enterprise and Digital Marketing, Leila de Lara, has praised how successful the unit has been, stating that the students involved have really stood out this year.

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