School of Architecture gets RIBA re-validation award

On Friday 26 June the School of Architecture (Parts 1, 2 and 3) in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries was re-validated by RIBA with NO conditions.

There were four commendations on:

1. The collegiate nature of staff and students across the school
2. The delivery of professional studies throughout the school – described as ‘exemplary preparation for students entering architectural practice’
3. Delivery of the School’s ambition to engage with the region at a contextual and social level
4. Provision of the new building and the opportunities offered by its facilities

Some useful and very positive action points and advice were appended to RIBA’s report, and these will support work forward.

This is an exceptional result, and a courageous, innovative and steady approach was taken by the Head of School, Pam Cole, and her team to ensure that preparation had been carried out most effectively, articulation was careful and precise, and that the vision of the School in relation to its pedagogy, its staff development and recruitment, its research and innovation, its strategic development and relevance, its context in the ‘island city’ and its region, and so on was clear and enthusiastically shared with the Validating Panel.

Faculty Dean Prof. Catherine Harper said “Needless to say, I am delighted, as is the Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellors’ for Education and Student Experience and Research and Innovation respectively, and I would like to offer my warm congratulations with Pam Cole and her colleagues in the School of Architecture.”

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