CCI Graphic Design students win at YCN awards

Second year Graphic Design students at the University of Portsmouth have beaten stiff competition to win awards in an international competition featuring some of industry’s biggest names.


Winner: Part of second year student Jasmine Hotham’s re-design for Taylor’s


Winner: Hayley Davis’s re-design for Taylor’s was praised

Jefferson Robinson and Johannes Leisman each won awards for their re-design of the J2O brand to make it more appealing to adults, and Hayley Davis and Jasmine Hotham each won for their redesign of Taylors Coffee to make it appeal to a younger audience.

All had entered the YCN student awards individually and faced competition from a record number of entries from students at a more advanced stage of studies, many of whom had entered as teams.

Their triumph has delighted their lecturers in the School of Art and Design.

Dan McCabe, Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design, said: “This is a fantastic result, especially as they are second year students up against third years. The YCN student awards are incredibly important in design, they set a very high standard, and to have four winners is great news.”

The Portsmouth course, in the Creative and Cultural Industries faculty, has a strong pedigree of producing winners in national and international competitions.


Winner: Jefferson Robinson’s adult re-design for J2O

Dan McCabe said: “As a course, we have had huge successes in this and other international design competitions. “We had two YCN winners in 2014, Jack MacRae and Dan Taylor, one winner in 2013, Lauren Bowers. Our third year students are given the option to enter the International Society of Typographic Design awards scheme on a unit led by Senior Lecturer Mike Harkins. This is an incredibly tough assessment scheme that is internationally recognised and respected. We have had seven winners this year, nine in 2014 and seven in 2013.”

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Winner: Johannes Leisman’s re-design of J2O to make it more appealing to adults

Last year, third year student Eric Downer won Designer of the Year at the New Designers Graduate Showcase in London and the course tutors are expecting a high level of industry interest in their students’ work at this year’s event, too.

Portsmouth students are prepared for industry in various ways, including Dan McCabe’s live design briefs unit in which the students respond to challenging commercial briefs by companies including Gap, ITV2 and Santander. Students are encouraged to submit their work to competitions and are responsible for creating and entering professional presentations of their concepts.







News article by the UoP Press Office

Images from Dan McCabe & YCN

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