New Masters of Architecture Studio

The School of Architecture offers a number of studio options for our Masters of Architecture (MArch) students.

This year a new studio has been initiated on the theme of Post-Digital Cities, led by Dr Anastasia Karandinou. Post-Digital Cities studio examines how the contemporary conditions, media, technologies and methods affect the way in which we inhabit, understand and design places.

It draws from theories and practices relevant to media studies, phenomenology and architectural contemporary theory, and encourages the students to be involved in hands-on ‘making’ research processes. New media, contemporary technologies, interactive systems, mobile phones, GPS devices, web-based networks affect the way in which we inhabit places. What are the implications of digital networks and technologies upon our everyday life? How do they affect they way in which we understand, examine, inhabit and design places?

Within this studio we do not only examine contemporary media as drawing/ designing tools but mainly as new tools-to-think with about space. This studio undertakes a thorough experimental approach towards the analysis and designing of spaces in contemporary cities. The studio is developing a collaboration with students and tutors from the School of Creative Technologies, and design together interactive systems to explore the intangible and hard-to-grasp aspects of space through simple and manageable interactive systems, web-based platforms, experimental maps and designs.

Content courtesy of Dr Anastasia Karandinou.

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