CCI Students help Law School mock trial

For the fourth year in succession the Law School conducted an unscripted mock trial in the Anglesea courtroom.  The scenario was that a young woman had been attacked in a nightclub by an “unlicensed” bouncer.  She had suffered quite severe dental injuries and wished to claim damages against the nightclub owner.  CCI Drama and Performance students played roles of the various parties and witnesses.  Dental students gave expert evidence relating to the injuries.  Film making students from CCI  helped to film the event as a fly on the wall documentary, whilst final year Law students who had completed the optional Evidence and Advocacy course acted as counsel.  The trial was very realistic and completely unscripted.  The judge was a retired circuit judge, His Honour Judge Tim Milligan, who has supported many of our court based activities in the past.  Everyone who participated enjoyed the experience and learned much.  The trial was a marvellous insight into the pressures of practice and a good way to see how issues are dealt with in the justice system.  It was also an excellent example of inter-Faculty cooperation.

“I thought it went really well and provided an excellent learning experience for everyone involved.  As ever, success on the day is a result of careful preparation and planning – which takes hard work at a time when there are competing demands on people’s time.  I think it was worth it and hope you do too!! “ – Bernard Davies

Check out more trials and photos of the mock trial on the University of Portsmouth/Advocacy Training Facebook page.


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