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TheDesign for Digital Media team encourages everybody to utilise all kinds of digital media tools – yes, even Facebook!


Only by immersing one’s self in the Digital Media world can one really experience and learn about what it is like for the user. What is the appeal? Why do some things work and some things don’t? Would you advise a client to run a blog, or a twitter account?

On top of that, the web provides a wealth of tips, tricks, tutorials and current trends. It is really standard fare for anyone in the industry to be keeping up-to-date by being on the ball – subscribing to blogs, browsing the web and generally just being an active user, always with an eye on design and function.

We don’t just pay lip service – we have a course wiki, which you will be invited to as soon as you agree to take your place of study with us. On the ‘digimites’ wiki you will be able to look at present and previous students’ work, as well as lecture materials and discussion. As a student, you will be able to build your own pages to showcase and discuss your work, or collaborate with other students on the course.

Integrated into the wiki are several widgets, enabling you to see snapshots of recommended design blogs on the homepage, which are updated in real time. The course twitter account also feeds into the homepage, meaning you can just log on and see what is going on with the course and the design world at once.

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