Creative Possibilities – a case study

Saratina Shegem MA in Design for Digital Media

When my husband and I arrived in the UK to study we’d just got married so you could say that starting my Master’s was a kind of strange honeymoon for us.

Saratina Shegem

I was already working as a graphic designer in my home country of Jordan on a magazine about the country and its people, but I’d always wanted to study abroad and decided the time had come to expand my horizons.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

The course really opened my mind to creative possibilities.  I’m looking at design in a completely different way now which is going to have a huge impact on my work in the future.  Above all I’ve been taught how to use my imagination.

When I was getting to grips with living in a new culture and becoming accustomed to studying in English the staff were always there for me and their help and support were invaluable.

Jordan’s a relatively new country which is ripe for possibilities, but wherever I decide to work I feel I have so much more to offer now.

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