Irene Cortelling, architecture as philosophy – a case study

Irene Cortelling

Irene Cortelling

Irene Cortelling, is studying the Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture

Architecture is about much more than drawing buildings. There’s a poetry to it which has come alive for me during my time at Portsmouth. The Diploma teaches a deeper understanding about where architecture comes from.

There’s also a very practical side to it because the architect has to meet with clients and work with the builders on the ground. As a fledgling architect it can be tough to stand your ground and disagree with someone more experienced, but it might be crucial to the success of a project.

My confidence is growing the more I learn and at Portsmouth you’re given the freedom to develop your individual talents and find out the sort of architect you want to be.

I did my work placement for a small firm of architects in Chichester which was a fundamental year for me. Working in practice cemented my decision to become an architect and when I returned to studying, everything really started to fall into place.

Learning architecture at Portsmouth has brought out the philosopher in me.

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